Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Pull-up/Push-up Superset

So today was an upper body day and I threw it at my clients pretty hard. We did a lot of weight work with both dumbbells and barbells, and at the end, when their arms were about to fall off, I threw in this awesome little superset.

The concept is to do 50 total pull-ups and 50 total push-ups, working til exhaustion.

1-Start with pull-ups. Do as many as you can til you're exhausted. This could mean you do only 6, you may do 30.

2-As soon as you exhaust from pull-ups, drop to the floor and do as many push-ups as possible. Again, you may only do 12 or you may bust out 40 the first time.

3-Keep alternating between the two until you have done 50 of each. If you reach 50 of one before the other, it's okay. Just keep working on the exercise you have left until you finished the whole set.

Great way to finish up an upper body weight lifting day!!


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