Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Plyometric Side Box Hops

Plyometrics!! Once again, plyometrics are great to add into your workout, especially if you're an athlete, because they help improve your speed, power, force, and agility. By doing the a side step up onto a plyometric box, you are improving the muscle power in your upper thigh and glutes, eventually allowing you to run faster and jump higher!

1-Stand to the left of a plyometric box.
2-Raise your right foot over the box.
3-As soon as you place your right foot onto the box, push yourself straight upwards into the air.
4-Land softly, with your right foot landing the box, and your left foot back on the floor.
5-Do this movement 10-12 times, then switch sides.

Want an added bonus? Hold a dumbbell or medicine ball as you jump!


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