Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Frog Jumps

Today was the first day of bootcamp and my bootcampers BROUGHT IT!! YES!! I was so excited! So great to have an awesome group of people ready to work hard.

One of the exercises I had my campers do today were Frog Jumps. Now you can either do them in place, or, as I set up the workout this morning, hop down a sidewalk or across the floor. You're going to get your heart racing, and your legs and glutes burning in no time!

1-Start in a low squat position, legs wide, out past your shoulders. You want your glutes to be lower than parallel with your thighs. Remember, try to look like a frog!

2-Using your arms and pushing through your heels, extend your arms overhead and jump upwards (if doing a traveling squat jump, jump forward as far as you comfortably can).

3-Land softly, being sure to come back into a super low squat position.

To add a little extra to your squat jump, when you go into the air, bend at your knees and bring your heels to your glutes, literally like a frog would do when it jumps!!

Repeat the jumps for 1 minute!!


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