Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Scale Pose

Scale Pose, or Tolasana, is a great pose for building strength in your abs and in your arms. If you have issues with your wrists or knees, you may want to work on strengthening those joints before you attempt this pose! Also, if you have not yet mastered Lotus Pose (sitting cross-legged, your feet on top of your knees), wait until you have done this before you go into Scale Pose.

1-Begin seated in Lotus Pose. You want your spine to be straight and lengthened, grounding yourself into the floor while at the same time extending your head towards the ceiling. Chest up and shoulders down and and back! Your legs are crossed, and your feet are raised so that they are comfortably resting just below your knees. You do not want to rest your feet directly on your knees!!!

2-Place your palms just outside your hips. If you are a beginner or have doubt in your wrist strength, you can place yoga blocks on both sides of your hips to push your palms into.

3-As you take an inhalation, press into your palms and engage your core muscles as you lift your legs and glutes straight upwards from the floor.

4-When you lift yourself to your highest point, hold the pose for five breaths.

5-Slowly, and with control, bring yourself back to the floor.


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