Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healthy Tip of the Day: What to Eat Before, During, and After a Run

Fitbie posted an article today on the best foods for runners at all points of their training. Good tips and simple to follow. Plus there are more links to further explore their hints and recommendations.

Here's the link:

Eating on the Run // sliced banana c Thinkstock
Here's a basic rundown:

Prerun: Easily Absorbed Carbohydrates (ie. Pretzels or Bananas)

Midrun (One hour or less): You don't have to eat anything. Stick with water to stay hydrated!!

Midrun (A little over one hour): Easily Absorbed Carbohydrates. This is when a good sports drink or sports gel will come in handy.

Postrun if Completed an Easy Run: Your body is not depleted enough to seriously refuel it, so just consume your next healthy meal, making sure there is good protein in it.

Postrun if Completed a Long or Hard Run: Carbohyrdrates and Protein at a 4 gram to 1 gram ratio. Refuel now and then have your next meal later to keep from starving your body and letting your muscles heal properly.


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