Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Pyramid Pose

So you just went and did a tempo run...........and now your legs are aching. No worries! Today's Stretch of the Day is Pyramid Pose, or Parsvottonasana. So lovely for your hamstrings!

1-Start standing straight in Mountain Pose. Remember to lengthen your spine, pushing through your heels into the ground, stretching your head toward the ceiling. Also, keep your shoulders away from your ears and actively going into your back. Pretend your holding an orange between your shoulder blades, but not so tight as to juice it. Chest up!

2-Step your right leg back about 3 feet. Turn your right foot to a 45 degree angle, pointing away from your body.

3-Keeping your hips squared and even, exhale and start to bend over your left leg. Remember to lead with your chest and not your head! You want to keep your back nice and flat, not rounded. The only movement is at your hips!

4-On your next inhale, raise your torso slightly. When you take your exhale, bend further into the stretch over your leg.

5-DO NOT FORCE THE STRETCH! Only go as far as your body will allow. Remember the more you practice the stretch overtime, the more flexible you will get overtime.

6-Don't forget about keeping your hips square!!!!!!!

7-After four or five breaths, come back up into Mountain Pose, then switch legs, this time stepping your left leg back and bending over your right foot.


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