Monday, March 5, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Pigeon Pose

If you just did the Chair Pose Squat Jumps, then your glutes are going to be most appreciate for this stretch. The pigeon pose, or Salamba Kapotasana, is a hip opener that is fantastic in relieving tension in the glutes, IT band, and upper thigh. Do not be intimidated by the picture below!!!  You can ease into the pigeon pose at your rate of flexibility!

hip openers

There are many ways to get into this position, but I will explain the method which I most commonly use.

1-Across the length of a mat, begin in Downward Dog position .
2-Bring the knee of your right leg forward and position your shin as parallel to the edge of the mat as your body allows.
3. With your core as upright as possible and your chest up, begin to lower your core straight down towards the mat. Only go down as far as your body allows. Do NOT force the stretch. It is perfectly alright if you cannot stretch all the way down to the mat!
4. You can use your hands to help keep you upright (as depicted in the picture), or, if your flexibility allows, you can begin to walk your hands out in front of you to get a deeper stretch.
5. Return back to the Downward Dog position in the same manner in which you left it and repeat on the left side.


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