Friday, May 4, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Split-Leg Barbell Deadlift

Woah! This move is a killer and you will definitely feel it in your hamstrings and glutes the next day! Proper form is absolutely key when performing the split-leg barbell deadlift as you do NOT want your back to get hurt.

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1-Place a small step about 12 inches in front of you and bring a barbell to rest behind your head, on top of your shoulders.

2-Bring your left heel forward, resting it on top of the step. It is VERY IMPORTANT to have your foot flexed so that your heel is pressing into the step because this protects your ankle and knee joints in addition to activating the back of your leg.

3-Begin to hinge at your waist, keeping your torso active, your chest up and your shoulders down away from your ears and actively pressing down into your back. Only hinge as far as your body allows.

4-Slowly and with control, exhale and use your glutes and hamstrings to straighten your body back into the starting position, your left heel remaining on the step. This is one repetition. 

Do 8 total repetitions with your left heel on the step. Do an additional 8 repetitions with your right heel on the step.


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