Sunday, September 8, 2013

Workout of the Day: Rainy Day Workout

It's finally raining here! Too bad the thunder and lightning also mean that I have to put off my run. HOWEVER.....................

If you ever get stuck in the house because of a rainy day and don't have access to a gym, it does NOT mean you have to put off a workout! Here's a combination of cardio movements and leg exercises that you can do at home to still get your sweat on, no matter what the weather is outside! This is based on a ladder workout that I had read elsewhere a while ago (can't remember!!!), which I tweaked to make a little more challenging, but still simple enough to concentrate on at home.

1. Start with your cardio circuit warmup:
20 High Knees
40 Butt kicks
80 Jumping Jacks
40 Butt Kicks
20 High knees

2. Now do the following ladder:
30 seconds of tuck jump burpees x 10 tricep pushups
30 seconds of tuck jump burpees x 9 tricep pushups
30 seconds of tuck jump burpees x 8 tricep pushups

keep following this trend until you finish with 1 tricep pushup

3. Finish with a leg circuit
20 squats
30 lunges
40 toe touches (abs)
50 second wall sit
100 jumping jacks
50 second wall sit
40 toe touches (abs)
30 lunges
20 squats


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