Friday, October 4, 2013

Rhino Fitness Running Clinic, October 5th, 2013

Happy Friday!!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, at 10AM the first day of the Running Clinic starts! 

This first day is the assessment day, involving a running analysis by Keelin and a functional analysis by Dr. Scott Grogan from The Back Pain Center. Again, just coming to this first day alone is beneficial for not just your running performance but for your overall health, so feel free to drop-in!

The entire 10 week clinic is $75 and drop-ins are $10. Non-members are welcome, and people of ALL abilities can participate!
Tomorrow is also a good time to come in and ask any questions you have about the clinic.

The first five Saturdays are focused around injury prevention and proper form, and the last five Saturdays will be running workouts designed to better YOU as a runner. Every Monday, the theme of the week's clinic will be posted to keep you in the loop, which will be great for you all who want to drop-in!

See you tomorrow! 

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