Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Arnold Press

Second day of our upper body focus! Today's Exercise of the Day is the Arnold Press!

The Arnold Press is great for toning up your shoulders and arms (specifically your triceps), plus you sneak in a core workout.

How to do an Arnold press
1-Begin in a seated position, dumbbells in each hand. You can either sit on a bench, as seen in above, or add in some instability by sitting on a fitness ball. You can also do this exercise standing.
2-Curl the weights so that your elbows are resting at your sides and your palms are shoulder height, facing you (again, you can see this in the picture above).
3-Start to press the weights overhead. While you do this, begin to rotate the weights so that your palms will face away from your body. Your arms will end in the position demonstrated in the picture below.
Arnold dumbbell press
4-To bring your arms down, slowly and with control, lower your elbows back down to your sides, rotating the weights back to their starting position, palms facing your body.

Do 12-15 repetitions of the Arnold Press.


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