Monday, March 26, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Seated Yoga Mudra

If you just did the Exercise of the Day: Dive Bomber, you will really enjoy the Yoga Pose of the Day: Yoga Mudra.

Yoga Mudra is a chest opener, and a wonderful pose to do anytime you finish a workout involving push-ups or chest presses. Because we often activate our chest in motions we carry out every day (such as picking things up off the floor and simply sitting in front of our laptops),Yoga Mudra stretches benefits our body's wear and tear from daily activities in addition to strenuous workouts.
1-Begin sitting either cross-legged or sitting with on your feet, your things extended straight in front of you and parallel to one another. What seated position you use is determined by your comfort level and the condition of your knees.
2-Sit with a straight torso, being very aware of a stretch in your spine, grounding your hips in the floor, but extending your head to the ceiling. Make sure your chest and shoulders and active, shoulders away from your ears and working down into your back.
3-Clasp your hands together at your lower back.
4-Begin to lower your chest to your thighs. At the same time, pull with your hands so that your shoulders are stretching backwards, opposite of the direction your chest is moving. It is important that you keep leading with your chest and not your head, and try to keep your glutes resting in the same position.
5-When you have reached your deepest point of bend with your torso, make sure your arms are extended straight overhead.
6-Really pull with your hands, as if there is a rope attached to the ceiling pulling your arms and shoulders upwards, while you resist moving up with your chest.

Feel the stretch and release in your chest for five breaths.

7-Slowly inhale and bring yourself back up to the starting seated position. Remember not to roll your back-literally mimic the movement you used to bring yourself down.


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