Monday, March 12, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Standing Twisted Leg Extension

This move works your entire body! YES!

1-Stand in Mountain Pose, lengthening through your spine by pushing through your heels into the ground, and reaching through your head to the ceiling. Always remember: shoulders away from your ears and actively working towards your back, and chest up!

2- Raise your right knee to your chest and hold it there. This may be as far as you take this move if your balance does not allow you to advance. This is totally okay!!!!

3-Take your left hand to the outside of your right foot. Constantly keeping length in your spine, start to straighten your right leg, keeping your left hand in the same position.

4-Turn your torso to the right so it is perpendicular with your right leg.

5-Extend your right arm so that it is parallel with your right leg. Create in your mind the sensation that your right arm and your right leg are being pulled in opposite directions. This helps with balance.

6-Turn your head so you are looking over your right hand.

7-Hold this position for four or five breaths.

8-Turn your torso back to its starting position, and then bring your right knee back to the chest, then lower your right leg back to the ground. Repeat this pose, this time extending your left leg.

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