Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Crescent Pose

Just in case you can't get enough of isometric poses to work your legs (see Exercise of the Day: One-Legged Wall Sit post), the Yoga Pose of the Day is Crescent Pose.

Crescent Pose is an isometric lunge that works your quads and your balance, giving you a great lower body and core workout. The static hold in your arms, shoulders, and chest ensures that your upper body also is getting a strength workout, and the repetitive movement of your head from below to above your heart center adds an additional cardio benefit to the exercise.

1-Start in Downward Dog Pose. Take three deep breaths to settle your body.
2-On your next exhalation, step your left foot forward to the inside of your left palm. Your knee needs to be directly above your ankle. Keep your right leg active and strong to help maintain your balance and keep your pelvis even.
3-When you take your inhalation, sweep your arms upwards and bring your torso to an upright position. Your arms will stop when they are perpendicular to the ground.
4-Reach your arms towards the ceiling, palms facing each other. While you sink your body into the lunge, keep your left thigh parallel to the ground and your right leg in a straight, flexed position behind you.
5-Hold the position for five deep breaths. If you need to modify, take your right knee to the ground.
6-On your next exhalation, sweep your arms back down, placing your palms down on the ground.
7-Step your left foot back even with your right foot and return to Downward Dog Pose.
8-Repeat the pose, this time bringing your right leg forward.

Do the exercise three to four times on each side!


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