Monday, July 9, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Oblique V-Ups

Oblique V-Ups are one of the best ways to burn your abs and hit that area we oh-so-lovingly refer to as the "Love Handles."

1-Lay on your side, being sure that you are balanced more on your glute than on your hip joint.

2-As you exhale, engage your abs to raise your legs and upper torso off the floor, forming as much of a V-shape as your strength allows. Hold the highest point for a count of 3.

3-Slowly lower your torso and legs back to the floor. This is one rep.

Do 25 repetitions, slowly and with control, on one side, and then do another set of 25 on the other side.

Love the BURN!

If you do not quite have the balance to hold yourself without your arms, you can rest the arm closest to the ground outwards in front of you to prevent falling over (see below).

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