Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian Split Squat works your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and strengthens your ankles......so if you're looking to work your lower body and get it all done at once, this is the exercise for you! I especially like this exercise because, since you are only stable on one leg, you work on your balance and strengthen your core!

1-Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand and stand in front of a bench or chair that is at least knee height.
2-Place your left foot back onto the bench, top of your foot facing down.

Now this is a perfect time to make sure your body's position is correct. You may need to hop your body a little forward or backward. The distance between your body and the bench needs to be enough so that you can bend your front leg into a lunge and your front knee stays directly above your front foot. Your front leg will be placed a little in front of your torso. Protect your knees!

Also, you want to be sure that your legs stay hip distance apart. Sometimes during this exercise, the back leg  moves too far inwards. If attempting this exercise alone, make sure you can see yourself in a mirror to adjust properly.

3-Lower your body into a lunge, keeping your torso upright. Stop lowering yourself when your front thigh becomes parallel with the floor.
4-Slowly and with control, push through the heel of your front leg and raise yourself back into the starting position.
5-Repeat the exercise for a total of 12-15 repetitions. Switch legs and repeat the exercise for the same amount of repetitions. Do three sets of the Bulgarian Split Squat on each leg.


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