Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Warrior 3

Just like the Exercise of the Day, the Yoga Pose of the Day focuses on having a lot of core strength.

Warrior 3 requires balance, works your core throughout the pose, and builds strength and tone in your glutes and hamstrings. Perfect!

1-Start in Mountain Pose, standing straight up, lengthening through your spine.
2-Shift your weight onto your right leg as your raise both arms overhead, parallel to one another and reaching to the ceiling while keeping your shoulders away from your ears and pressing down into your lower back.
3-As you exhale, begin to hinge at your waist, bringing your torso forward and raising your left leg backwards. This needs to be a slow and controlled movement. Imaging that your left leg and torso are connected, so they need to move the same distance and the same speed.
4-As you hinge further forward, activate your core, hamstrings, and glutes, especially in your right leg, to ensure stability.
5-When your chest and left thigh are parallel with the floor, stop hinging, and hold the pose. Keep extending your arms, now imagining that they are reaching towards the wall in front of you.
6-At some point while you are holding the pose, you may bring your arms out to the sides, even with your shoulders, and reaching to the left and right (see picture above).
7-After holding the pose for five breaths, take an inhalation and slowly and with control, raise your torso and lower your left leg until you are back in Mountain Pose.

Repeat the sequence, this time shifting your weight onto your left leg.


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