Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Locust Pose

A lot of times people are only focused on strengthening their abs and forget that a strong back is just as important for a perfect core. A yogo pose which targets back strength is Locust Pose, or Salabhasana. In addition to strengthening your back, this pose works your entire backside, especially your glutes and hamstrings, as well as your shoulders.

1-Lie face down on your mat, your arms stretched down by your sides and your palms face up. Create length in your spine, extending through your feet and your head.
2-Activate the insides of your legs and tilt your pelvis forward so your lower abs are resting flat against the floor.
3-As you exhale, activate your legs so that they are lifted off the floor and activate your shoulders and upper back, so that your chest raises off the floor. Keep the sensation that you are lengthening through your spine. Your glutes are going to be working overtime!
4-Raise your arms so that they are even with your shoulders and parallel with one another. Keep your gaze towards the floor, creating length in your neck. This will ease strain on your neck. Overtime, you may begin to look forward, but don't strain your neck if you don't have to.
5-Reach back with your arms, further engaging your back and bringing your shoulder blades together.
6-Hold this pose for five breaths and then slowly bring your body back flat on the floor. Repeat two more times.


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