Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workout of the Day: Plyometrics are a DO!

I love plyometrics. Love. "Plyometrics" refers to explosive exercises that help develop speed and power in your muscular system. Sometimes my clients look at me like I'm crazy when I add them into their workouts, but the value of plyometrics to all athletes is undeniable. Plyometrics help with injury prevention and help improve the connection between the nervous system and the brain, allowing for muscles to contract in a faster, more powerful, manner; therefore, you can move more efficiently and forcefully.

Now, that being said, plyometrics are most effective when used in combination with strength training and flexibility training. It is also important that you have a strong core and proper form when performing plyometric exercises.

Don't be afraid of including plyometric exercises into your workout. Many times, people are intimidated by complicated plyometrics that they see trained athletes performing and shy away. However, you can start simple. Exercises such as squat jumps, dynamic lunge jumps, jump rope, skipping, and hopping all help you gain the benefits of plyometrics.

So go mix up your workouts with plyometrics and start noticing improvements in your performance!

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