Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Wall Plank


Who doesn't want to relieve their back muscles? Try the wall plank.

1) Stand arm's length away from a wall.
2) Reach from your shoulders and plant your palms on the wall.
3) Make sure your fingers are nice and wide, with your middle finger pointing straight up the wall to the ceiling.
4) Keeping length in the spine and your abs engaged, start walking your legs back away from the wall.
5) You'll begin to fold in half at the waist at this point.
6) Walk your hands down the wall.
7) You know when to stop when you form the L-shape, or a perfect 90 degree angle at your waist.

If you feel strain in your lower back, bend your knees slightly.

Push your heels into the floor while pushing your tailbone up to the ceiling. At the same time, push your palms into the wall while you stretch your back parallel with the floor away from the wall. This push and pull movement is in time with a deep exhale. Repeat for several nice and healing breaths.

Your back thanks you.

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