Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Day: Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Today's Stretch of the Day is Reclined Bound Angle pose, or Supta Baddha Konasana. Do NOT do this pose if you have issues with your knees, groin, or lower back, as it will cause further strain.

Begin in a a reclined position, back against the floor, abs engaged. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out to the side. Do not worry if your knees do not fall near to the floor. Let them come down to the level your body allows!

Use deep inhales to lengthen through your spine, and as you exhale, feel a release in your legs which allows your knees to drop further, even if just a small amount.

To make this a more dynamic movement, on your inhalations, bring your knees together, and then let them fall back towards the ground in a controlled motion on the exhales. This will deepen the stretch.

Hold this pose for several breaths. When you are ready to come out of it, bring your knees together and gently roll back up to a seated position.


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