Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fitness Tip of the Day: Sport+Store Water Bottle

Product of the Day: Sport + Store Water Bottle. This product makes me happy for lots of reasons. It's stainless steel, eco-friendly and BPA free, and comes with a storage reservoir that screws onto the base of the water bottle. This reservoir is ideal for holding keys, credit cards, money, ids, etc. so if you go to the gym, or practically anywhere, you do not have to worry about stashing your purse or wallet, and you will always know where you set your keys!

Specific reasons I like the Sport+Store as a trainer: It is especially useful when I take clients outside for a run or other activities. Not only do I have somewhere to keep any keys I may need, but I can also take band-aids, tylenol/advil/aspirin, sunscreen, and my phone, just in case something may happen outside of the gym and first-aid kits may not be readily available.

Specific reasons I like the Sport+Store in general: When I go to the gym, out for a run, or take my water bottle with me for regular daily activities, I can keep any supplements, medicine, sunscreen, my phone, etc., with me without worrying about lugging around my purse. I also tend to forget where my keys are, and this prevents that from happening!

If you want a water bottle that is eco-friendly and highly compatible to an on-the-go lifestyle and keeps your life low-maintenance, I highly recommend you check out the Sport+Store website ( to see all the options in design and color and learn more about the product!

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